Truly Happy Baby... It Worked for Me

17th February 2016

Truly Happy Baby... It Worked for Me

"I'm so excited to announce my new book. Having had three very different babies myself, I wanted to gather together all the best bits I've learnt along the way looking after my family, and share them with you!"

With three children of her own, Holly knows that one-size-fits-all parenting doesn’t work. So she’s written a book that offers guidance and tips drawn from her own experiences in a way that is a calm guide through the chaos.

Holly’s book will encourage parents during their first twelve months of parenthood to trust their natural instincts and to care for their children in their own way, confidently and happily. Whilst she acknowledges the benefits a good routine can bring, she most importantly, wants you to listen to your mummy intuition to know what’s best for you and your baby.

Truly Happy Baby... It Worked for Me

We all have it, we just need to learn to tune into it. With chapters on feeding; sleeping; lifestyle and looking after you, Truly Happy Baby... It Worked for Me will reassure and empower you to raise your baby happily and healthily in the first twelve months’ of parenthood.

Packed with achievable, practical advice and full of the ideas, techniques and tips that helped her throughout the first year of her babies’ lives, Holly will hold your hand through the exhausting bits and share in the brilliant bits, too. This is the friendly and accessible approach to parenting that will see you through the sleepless nights, concerns and worries, to all the magical first moments and more.

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