Holly returns to This Morning this September

25th August 2015

Holly returns to This Morning this September

To mark the reunion following Holly’s maternity leave from the award-winning daytime show, Phillip is seen looking thoughtful as he enters a coffee shop and notices images of well known partnerships including Richard and Judy, Ant and Dec, Morcambe and Wise, and even a Batman and Robin before he is seen back together with his much missed co-host!

This Morning’s website filmed a behind-the-scenes feature during the making of the promo where the duo express their excitement for the new series. Phillip said, “It’s lovely working with Holly because our humour works at the same speed and it’s always nice to work with a mate.”

Phillip added, “It’s an all-new look, Holly’s back, and we’ve got some brilliant ideas - things that we’ve not done before - and that’s quite hard to do for a show that’s been running for such a long time... we are really looking forward to September.”

On returning to the show following the birth of her third child, Holly said, “It’s lovely coming back, and it's strange because although I’ve had another baby, and things are so different at home, you come back to This Morning and it's like going back to see your old school friends… it feels like coming home.”

Holly added, “Working with Phil is wonderful, I count myself incredibly lucky. I’m so looking forward to getting back and sitting on that sofa, and being back with Phil.”

Holly returns to This Morning this September

Speaking about her return to This Morning and being with the team again, Holly said “It’s really great! It’s so nice to be here, and it’s a good way to begin going back to work… having a day like today [filming for the new titles], because there’s a lot of downtime and a lot of time to gossip and catch up on what I’ve been missing out on!”

“Although I’ve actually seen quite a bit of Phil so it’s not like this is the first time we’ve been back together… but yeah, I’ve really missed it. Obviously I’ve been really busy during the year but I’ve definitely missed it. I have been immersed in child land and have loved it, and my daughter Belle starts school in September so really it was her last year of being around every day after nursery so it’s been lovely to have that time together too… but I feel ready to go back to This Morning now!”

Holly returns to This Morning this September

On her time off and what she missed most whilst she was away, Holly admitted that “It’s definitely busier at home now, but I did get to watch a lot of This Morning during the early stages when Chester was really tiny and I was feeding a lot sitting on the sofa. I watched loads, in fact it was kind of all I did then, so This Morning was perfect!”

“I missed seeing Phil every day obviously and catching up on things that are going on in his life… Although we have had a few nights out! And a few lunches that have turned into nights out…!”

“And I missed the cookery, I really did!” Joking, she added, “They don’t feed me at home, I need to come back just to get fed! Also you forget how much you learn doing a show like that - not only the cookery bit but all the health stuff, and just being updated every day with things that are going on… I mean, ask me a question about Ben 10 now and I will know everything about that!”

The new series of This Morning starts on 1st September 10.30am on ITV.