Holly & Kelly celebrate books and Barnes

20th April 2015

Holly & Kelly celebrate books and Barnes

Holly and her sister, Kelly, will make a special appearance at the Barnes Children’s Literature Festival on Saturday 25 April 2015.

Together, Holly and Kelly wrote the series for young readers L’Etoile: School for Stars, set in a stage school following the lives, friendships and dreams of stardom of the pupils. Their first title in the series, First Term at L’Etoile, became the UK’s highest selling children’s debut of 2013.

Their fifth and latest book in the series Double Trouble at L’Etoile was released last month.

Holly and her sister, Kelly, said that working on School for Stars fulfilled a long held ambition to write together.

‘It was a dream come true writing our own children’s book and we are thrilled children love it as much as we do,’ they said.

'Barnes is the loveliest village in London. It's a great place for families with a real community feel and we can't wait to be part of the fun on the day,' they said.

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