Special mums get a Surprise Surprise

27th March 2014

Special mums get a Surprise Surprise

Holly is celebrating amazing mums this weekend with a special Mother's Day episode of Surprise Surprise.

Expect to see some emotional surprises as Holly honours those who do so much for others and expect nothing in return.

When mother of two Paula Smith's baby girl Amelia was born with hypoglycemia, Paula decided to invent a very special new baby grow.

From Paula's own experience she found that her baby grows didn't fit around her daughter's tubes and bandages. She invented a new baby grow for babies and infants in neo-natal wards in hospitals.

Paula then established a charity to help other parents by shipping the clothing to sick children around the UK and worldwide, for free.

She has been nominated by Linda Smith, 54, from Isle of Wight for all her dedication to helping mothers around the world.

Sheila Turnbull, 74, from Newcastle receives an emotional reunion when she is nominated by her grandson Carl Armstrong. Carl decided to nominate his grandmother after she told him of her heartbreak over giving up her first born identical twins boys for adoption in 1957.

Also on the show; a wrestling fan gets to meet her idols and a pillar of the community gets a surprise message from Whoopi Goldberg and a surprise visit from Boyzone.

Surprise Surprise is on Sunday, 7pm on ITV.