Holly and Kelly talk Books and Babies

27th March 2014

Holly and Kelly talk Books and Babies

Holly and sister Kelly have been chatting to Parent Dish about the third instalment of their children's book series, School for Stars: Third Term at L'Etoile

The book - suitable for ages eight and over - follows two sisters and their friends as they navigate the highs and lows of life at a stage school.

"Ultimately it's a story of friendship at its heart," explains Holly. "It's set in stage school where two sisters and their mates have adventures and loads of fun. This book is structured around the summer school term so there's the usual events children can relate to – exam week, wrapping up the year and charity events."

And the twist?

"This term the mean girl who previously left the school is back - and she's got a mate!"

The sisters love working together and, despite Kelly being the writer of the two, the books are very much a team effort from start to finish, and are created at Holly's house. "I'm around there all the time anyway so we might as well work!" laughs Kelly.

It looks like the sisters' bond has been passed down onto the next generation of Willoughbys as Holly and Kelly's children are also very close.

"Harry and Lola get on particularly well," says Holly. "They hang out all the time and Harry loves to look after Lola – much more than he ever did with Belle. I think because there's more of an age gap he sees her as a really young baby. Belle's at the stage where she lines up all her dolls neatly and Lola comes along and knocks them all down making a mess!"

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