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The Voice: Holly Willoughby

With The Voice about to explode onto our screens, it was high-time we found out how Holly was faring in the monumental build-up to the brand new show.

“I’ve been excited for a long time but I feel like I haven’t been allowed to get excited because we haven’t been here,” she explained backstage at the Blind Auditions.

“The coaches are insanely good,” she added. “When Jessie J gives advice, she makes me feel as though I could sing if I practised my breathing.

“I have a complete girl crush on her, she’s amazing!”

But it looks like it’s not just Jessie who has caught Holly's eye.

“Not going to lie – I definitely have a bit of a soft spot for Danny because he’s just so blimmin’ handsome!” Holly admits.

“I also didn’t realise quite how tall he was! Beautiful voice… Please can you write a song about me?!”

And with Danny’s upcoming tribute to Holly pencilled in the diary (ahem), we were dying to know how our leading lady was getting along with co-host Reggie Yates.

“Working with Reggie is great,” Holly beamed. “Reggie and I have known each other for a really long time – we started at CBBC together.”

Yes, the chums are having a ball on set, and it looks like Holly’s getting seriously inspired by all the music greatness in the building.

“I keep trying to persuade him to do some kind of Jay-Z Beyonce thing with me,” she reveals. “I’m working on it… Hopefully by the final we’ll be doing some sort of booty-bouncing thing…”

Alrighty then! We’ll keep our eyes peeled for that, don’t you worry.

Watch Holly’s full interview and find out more about The Voice UK on the official show website

  • Who in their right mind wouldnt write a song about Holly???

  • I have to watch it now if only for the Jay-Z style booty thing promised for the final......... Reggie..do what the lady asks - good lad

  • lOVED Holly's dress and shoes that she wore on sat's The Voice. Could you please tell me where they were from? Thank you kindly.x

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